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112-19 Kitada Yui, Shimizu word,Shizuoka city, Shizuoka, JAPAN
zip code: 421-3104
Opening hours: From 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The nearest station: 15minutes from JR Tokaido line Yui Station on foot (about 1.5 kilometers= about 1mile)
How to get JR Yui Station from Kanto (Tokyo and Yokohama) area
JR Shinkansen(Bullet Train) Mishima Station -> JR Tokaido line Mishima Station -> JR Yui Station
How to get JR Yui Station from Kansai(Osaka and Kyoto) area
JR Shinkansen(the Bullet Train) Shizuoka Station -> JR Tokaido line Shizuoka Station -> JR Yui Station
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Our shop would like to continue these traditions of doll crafting and pass them on to the next generation of children.

About us

Our Suruga Hina Dolls1, a set of dolls dressed in ancient Japanese costumes, are made by Reikou, a Japanese METI-designated traditional craftsman. (METI stands for Ministry of Economy and Trade and Industry.) This traditional Hina Doll shop has been run by a craftsman family for three generations.
Reikou Mochizuki the First established present Mochizuki-Ningyo, Japanese doll manufacturer in 1936.We have been making imbued dolls with soul using head made of toso2 and body made of straw with traditional techniques, methods and materials.
We truly hope your child or grandchild not only to respect the tradition but also feel the genuine sense of Japanese beauty.
If our Hina Doll Shop can help your child or grand-child to maintain a link with Japanese tradition, we will be very happy.


1. Authentic Japanese dolls
2. Toso is a traditional modeling with paulownia wood

Hina doll history

The displaying of Hina Dolls is said to date from the Heian Period (794-1192). At that time, people transferred their sins and misfortunes to Hitogata or Katashiro (simple dolls made of plants or paper) and floated the dolls down the river or to the open sea. The dolls have now changed their meaning to be a treasure that protects children from misfortune. Parents wished for their daughter to be healthy and to be a kind lady. That wish has never changed.
However, since the way of living and the style of housing has changed and become more westernized, many Japanese children are not as familiar with Japanese traditions.

We make each doll individually, and aim to imbue it with soul. We make each doll individually, and aim to imbue it with soul.


We use Japanese washi paper that is cut according to the sizes in the Japanese Hina Doll Measurement Book. We paste the washi paper to the fabric with glue. There are hundreds of basic sizes. A kimono for an Emperor Doll needs about 50 parts and for an Empress Doll, about 120 parts are needed. We use special washi paper made from kozo wood which is a type of mulberry wood. Our glue is a special sticky glue made of starch paste.


Our Hina Dolls wear famous Nishijin kimono brocade from Kyoto or Kiryu. The kimono pattern for the Court nobles is woven especially for our Hina Dolls.


The basic body of each Hina Doll is a bundle of straw that is firmly arranged. The straw is cut to different sizes and shapes. We aim to create a human shape. Washi paper is wound around wire to make arms and legs.

Hands and feet

The hands and feet for most of our Dolls are made by the craftsman, Tadashi Sawano who learnt from his father. The Sawano family in Kyoto is Kyo ningyo artist family descended from Tyozan Kawase, a famous master doll head craftsman. The family used to specialize in making heads but now it specializes in hands and feet. They use traditional methods, some of which are one hundred years old. Tadashi's knowledge is priceless.

Inquires for our products
Some are customizable. Please feel free to ask any questions.

The following page is written in only Japanese.Hina dolls for Girl’s festival
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